Tuesday, September 02, 2014

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Guardian Internet Support Services (UK) Limited, or GISS, are a specialist internet security products reseller. GISS supplies and supports FortiNet FortiGate  and Cisco ASA Firewalls and Unified Threat Management (UTMs) appliances. These appliances include Anti-Virus (AV), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Web Filtering, Anti-Spam, IPSEC VPN and SSL VPN, WAN Optimisation, Data Link Prevention (DLP) and Appllcation Control technology.

We also provide fully managed firewall support services and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and ad-hoc firewall support services.

GISS have been awarded "Best FortiNet Support in Europe" two consecutive years running.

GISS are also the proud developers of FirePlotter - a real-time session monitor for Cisco & FortiNet Firewalls.

GISS also offer a FortiConverter Firewall Conversion Service. Using FortiNet's FortiConverter to migrate CISCO PIX or ASA, Sonicwall, or Jupiter firewall configurations to FortiGate configurations - click here for more details.


Jun 27 2014 - Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) - Customer to Customer
One service that GISS often provides to customers is assisting with the establishment of secure, encrypted site-to-site VPNs. The customer requires a VPN link from their firewall through to another business in the UK or internationally. This often involves liaison with many parties to: a) establish the link, b) test the services that are expected to work through it. Patience and technical expertise can often be the key ingredients that make it all work. Especially the former. Fortunately at GISS we have an abundance of both! And we have successfully setup 7 different VPNs for various customers this month.


Jul 04 2014 - FortiNet Xperts - Apparently
Today, two GISS System Engineers returned from the first-ever, three day FortiNet Xperts Academy in Cannes. Intensive 4 hour topic sessions covered: Advanced Management and reporting (FortiAnalyzer/FortiManager), Advanced Threat Protection Solution (FortiGuard), FortiOS 5.2 Update, Wireless LAN Security (FortiAP), Secure authentication (FortiAuthenticator). When they arrived back, for some reason then went for a lie down in a dark room to... (apparently) "let their brains cool down".

May 30 2014 - Firewalls that are Highly Available
A survey of GISS customers today shows that 21 of 70+ GISS customers are now running 31 high-availability (HA) fortigate firewall clusters between them. High-availability means having a second firewall running alongside the existing one operating as hot-backup that automatically takes over should the primary one fail. Deploying HA is a steadily growing trend as IT managers and company directors recognise more and more that whatever the size of your business - any internet downtime means lost business.